Lessons for Life- November 10, 2017

Lessons for Life

Square 32's Round-Up
November 10, 2017
Bringing you the most innovative and creative tools and ideas
for teaching "lessons for life"

  1. Check out Empatico, a platform connecting classrooms around the world built on the belief that all humans share a common humanity.
  2. Explore these 8 multisensory approaches for teaching reading from @UnderstoodOrg.  Easily transferable to other topics and skills as well!
  3.  Make your own art dice to encourage creativity in kids of all ages.
  4. Taking a road trip this holiday season?  Check out the 10 Best Podcasts for Kids from @rmwinging
  5. Download the ParkPals app from the Committee for Children.  The app helps teach important social and emotional skills like responsibility and standing up for others.

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