You, Inc.: Defining Your Company of One

Photo by Ian Schneider
How much do you know about your "company of one?"

I had an eye-opening conversation with a neighbor of mine who spends her time counseling people of all ages on how to navigate career paths and opportunities.  In passing, I mentioned I was leaving my full-time work to figure out exactly what was next for me. 

Her advice, figure out your own values, unique skills, needs and wants long before you ever hit enter on that job search.  Too often, we let companies we work for, or those that we want to work for, define what box we fit in and what our titles might be.  And as I'm considering, if you don't fit in a box, you might want to create your own.        

Decide what motivates you, what contexts or environments help you succeed and use that to help you ask questions that quickly determine whether or not you are a good fit for the opportunity, but also if the opportunity is a good fit for you.  She left me with a recommendation to read, The Start-Up of You.

What crucial career moments or forks in the roads have you navigated?  I'd love to hear and tell your story.