Empatico- "built on the belief that all humans share a common humanity."

is on a mission to connect classrooms around the world to build empathy and compassion in today's students.  I was lucky enough to meet with a member of the team at Empatico and was inspired by her passion and drive to be a part of such an incredible movement.

Empatico has just been released in its beta form and is currently available to 3rd and 4th grade teachers.  Teachers from across the US and the globe have already signed up on the platform.  The platform gives teachers an easy way to find, connect, and ultimately teach with teachers from across the country and the world.

Sign up for the beta now if you are a 3rd or 4th grade teacher, or add your email to the newsletter list for updates for when it might be available to you and your students.

Have you signed up for the platform, or used it?  I'd love to hear from you!