Back to School Ideas Round-Up

Back to school is always a fun AND exhausting time of year for teachers. I've gathered together my favorite and most creative back to school ideas to help you save your time and energy searching!

1.  Everyone's an expert about something!  Create an anchor chart like this to find out what kinds of experts you have in your classroom!
We start our nonfiction unit by brainstorming what we know... This is our "Expert" Chart! (Inspired by Lucy Calkins-- Units of Study)

2. Here's an easy way to begin the year with a positive note home. Set up this station at open house or on the first day of school.

3. Begin the school year by creating an online space for students to write and share. Blogs can be used by students of all ages. Here are the best tips for getting started.

4. The Best Part of Me. One my favorite lessons of all time and a perfect back to school, getting to know you activity.

5. Surveys. Use chart paper and sticky notes or stickers to create instant visuals and to learn more about your students.

Love this!  First Week of School Activities

Happy Back to School Days!!