Interested in Educational Consulting?

Living in NYC allows me to connect with some of the most passionate and innovative people in the world. Specifically, the EdTech world here in NYC is filled with creative eduprenuers and entreprenuers looking to develop solutions for today's classrooms.  The field is expanding so quickly and people are looking for experts and partners to help them develop all sorts of different tools.  I'd like to help connect more educators and developers by building a database of people who are interested in working with some of these start-ups.
courtesy Dell's Flickr Page

If you have wanted an opportunity to work as an educational consultant and to help develop innovative EdTech tools, this could be a good place to start. 

Click the link below to add your information.


  1. This information will be kept private. I am the only one with access to it. I come across many opportunities to work with EdTech companies and schools. My hope is to build a consortium of educators with different areas of expertise. If I found an opportunity that seemed to fit your qualifications, I would email you to see if you were interested. Only then would I give your contact info out. Hope that helps clarify. Please feel free to ask any other questions. Full Disclosure


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