Hands on STEAM PD with Beebots, Probots, Logo and more

Last week we had an engaging and fun PD session for our pre-k through 5th grade teachers.  We had three stations that teachers rotated though.  At one station, we set up Beebots and Probots.  At another, we had teachers explore Terrapin Logo software.  The last station was set up as a resource and research station.  Here teachers explored STEAM links, videos and blogs I had shared with them.  

I was so happy with the success of this setup.  Instead of leading the whole group on how to use each tool, I gave them the tools and the guides and let them figure it out on their own.  They learned how to use new tools, 
but I hope it also served as a good model on how to move from teacher based lectures to hands on exploration.  

More information about the tools from www.terrapinlogo.com that we used in my next blog post.