Want to know how native your students are to the digital world?

Just ask them to show you what they know!
After reading this post about BYOT in Kindergarten  by @emily_dunlap, an Instructional Technology Specialist, I had an aha moment!  
In one classroom, a teacher posed questions and had students answer them however they could through their digital device.  Some used apps they had downloaded, some created videos, some used pictures.  Here were some of the examples of questions given in the post.
  • Show me how many syllables the following words have – wonder…target…combination
  • How many syllables does your name have?
  • What was the setting in _____ story?
  • In your opinion, do you like winter or summer?
  • Show me one way to make 8.
  • What kind of punctuation mark would I use for this sentence… “I love school”?
  • Show me a 2d shape.
  • Show me a 3d shape.
  • How many vertices does a rectangle have?
  • I am going to break down a word and I want you to blend it.
  • Show me something heavier than a crayon.
  • Show me something longer than your pencil pouch.
  • Show me something on your device that you can use to help you learn.
I realized even without a BYOT program, I could do the same with the IPads and computers I have in my class.  So many times, I choose the app and then students have freedom within the app to “show me what they know.”  It’s time to take it a step further and truly let their creativity and different learning styles shine.