Technology, Sustainability, and Curriculum Design

Technology, Sustainability, and Curriculum Design
Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word.  It isn’t just about environmental change either.  It’s a mindset that can be applied to almost any part of our lives and our profession.  Jaimie Cloud and the people at the Cloud Institute  have been helping educators design curriculums that encourage children understand the world and their relationship to it.  Along with the teachers they work with, they hope to inspire a whole generation of young people who will lead us to a sustainable future. 
Technology gives us exciting new approaches for examining the idea of sustainability and creating globally aware students.  It also gives us tools that allow for a level of collaboration as professionals that is unprecedented.          
My recent discussions with Jaimie inspired me to think, “Is what we are doing sustainable?”  I’m planning a series of posts that examines just that question.     
Are we working at a sustainable pace? 
Is our curriculum sustainable?
Are we creating sustainable ways to document and share student growth?
What can we do to make sure changes we bring about are sustained?
In what ways can we inspire our kids to think globally and work towards a sustainable future? 
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