#140EDU conference

Last summer, long before my dream of moving to New York City was a reality, I heard rumblings of #140edu.  A twitter friend suggested I check in on the hashtag.  I watched as the tweets came out and was inspired by the conversations and innovative ideas about education in the 21st century that were being tossed around.  I even joked with my twitter friend, “maybe I’ll be there in person next year.”
Jeff Pulver and Chris Lehmann, the organizers of the event, have given educators from all walks of life the opportunity to share ideas and learn how the web affects all aspects of the business of education.  The list of speakers is full of education and technology rock stars and enough to make me want to sign up right now.  Not to mention the other educators attending that you’ll have the opportunity to meet.  But, what makes this even better is the fact that educators can attend for only $1.40!  
Fast forward from my conversation a year ago and it looks like I will be there in person.   I’ll be moving to the city to teach in the Upper East Side.  And as fate would have it, we’re moving the weekend before the conference and my apartment will be within a few blocks of the 92Y.  This is one of those moments that tell me I’m doing the right thing. 
Will I see you there?