monster truck_shutterstock_5659207
Ever have those days? Those days where student engagement, real world learning, curiosity and technology just come together in a perfectly woven tapestry?  I strive for those kinds of moments everyday, but yesterday was a total #edtechWIN.
After hearing some of my fellow #kinderchat friends talk about a great wonder about monster trucks from www.wonderopolis.org, I decided to check it out.  My Kinder kids love visiting Wonderopolis, but this wonder was especially inspiring.  After watching the video and reading all about monster trucks, my kids were inspired to create their own.  Many of the kids spent their entire rainy day indoor recess creating their very own monster trucks with all sorts of different materials. A couple of the kids even decided to design their monster truck in Pixie, our digital graphics program.  
Within moments, we had Star, The Black Atomic Fireball Truck, The Mixed Up Cotton Candy Truck and more.  I grabbed my new IPad and starting collecting photos and videos of the kids' creations.  In less time than it took the kids to clean up, I had used IMovie to create a mashup of our Monster Truck Collection.  The kids helped me pick the background music and then begged to see the final product.  
After watching the video with our class, I pushed a button to send it to our class Facebook page and that was it. Student driven learning, student created projects, shared beyond the four walls of our classroom in a matter of minutes.  
I can't wait to do it again tomorrow. :)