About Me

I am a creative agency executive and educator with over 15 years of experience.  Throughout my career, I've held many different roles.  I've worked as a Classroom Teacher, Administrator, and Professional Development Coordinator.  I've also served as a specialist in 21st Century Teaching and Learning and as a leader in a creative agency focused on education. 

In my consulting practice at Square 32 Consulting, I focus on combining my expertise to design educational content and marketing strategies for educational organizations.
  • Professional Development and Coaching for Administrators and Teachers
  • Oversight or Strategic Curriculum Development 
  • Marketing for schools, and Ed Tech tools.  Helping you tell your story and connect with stakeholders through various media channels.  
  • Providing product development and business support for EdTech startups.  Helping companies develop useful and pedagogically sound tools and helping them navigate the educational market
  • Leading educational strategy and developing education campaigns for brands, non-profits and government agencies